Trauma Healing

  • Healing Trauma Retreat at my Home San Flaviano, Italy


Conversations with Tess

You are invited to join us for an intimate 6  night Healing Trauma Retreat at my home San Flaviano Monastery, Italy

Tess Hunneybell – Trauma Consultant 

A life carrying a hidden trauma, or an unresolved trauma is still a life being lived with trauma. Deeply buried and sometimes even forgotten your life carries on unaffected, or so you like to think. Issues do creep up on you, you know you could do better, & you know in your heart there is something not right.

Then San Flaviano is for you

We are not about boot camps, and sweat lodges. What we are about is firm yet gentle trauma relieve in a sacred 15th century monastery, in Italy.

Trauma Consultant Tess Hunneybell is well versed and accredited in holding successful trauma release retreats, far before it became trendy. She has had many years of people arriving at San Flaviano feeling heavy, exhausted and not knowing why. By the week’s end they feel completely different, lighter and truly understanding their life is good, and will get even better.

Feel you can do more with your life? That you have suffered enough? Let us hold you and your heart in a safe professional way, while we gently lead you into realising where and how trauma has been appearing in your life. Then most importantly to then let go of the patterns of practice and ingrain new ways to blossom, to grow.

We will always be a small group of maximum four people. In this way we can be sure that each person will receive enough attention. Our food is prepared locally, organically and vegetarian. OF course life is about balance, so Italian chocolates and coffee are all included.

The dates we have availability are:

Thursday 18th to Wednesday 24th May, 6 Nights 2023

Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th June, 6 Nights 2023

Thursday 6th to Wednesday 12th July, 6 Nights 2023

Thursday 17th to Wednesday 23rd August, 6 Nights 2023

Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th September, 6 Nights 2023

PLEASE DO contact Tess for a chat and make sure we fit you!

WhattsApp: +44 7957 578389

We will also dance, play and laugh a lot. When we laugh it changes our brain chemistry that brings us into the present moment making us relax, feel good and connect to ourselves and other people in a joyous way

7 Day Healing Trauma Retreat Includes

  • Individual Private Therapy Sessions

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  • Daily Workshops
  • 6 Nights/7 Days Accommodation in 15C San Flaviano Monastery
  • 3 Daily Home Cooked Vegetarian Meals
  • Fresh Health Juices, Mountain Spring Water and Chocolate.
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Somatic Body Practices
  • Morning stretching & breathe work
  • Mountain Walks
  • Luxury thermal spa afternoon (optional extra)
  • Day excursion to walk the path of your Sacred Heart in Assisi the home of St Francis

*Nearest Airports Perugia and Rome. Pick-up and drop-off service available.

The Retreat is limited to only 8 places


  1. €4310 Last Minute Offer €3240 – 2 Adults Friends & Family Deal
  2. €2400 Last Minute Offer €1800 – Single Bed in Shared room with bathroom
  3. €3590 Last Minute Offer €2700 – Single in private room with bathroom


In the heart of Umbria, San Flaviano sits nestled in the foothills of the Appennine Mountains. A deeply sacred spot for over a millennium. My home is the former church and monastery visited by many as a place to be held and meditate on their pilgrimage to Assisi over the centuries. After 18 months of full restoration works in 2013 I reopened her doors again as a healing center to care and safely guide today’s  pilgrims on their journey home to their own sacred hearts.

What Shall We Eat 

We are abundantly blessed to be surrounded by the soil and by the lands of Umbria. You will often find one of us in the garden or the market choosing with love and care that which will nourish not only your body but your very essence. When you visit it will be the time of year when the land is giving us all of our bounties, fragrant fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc. We will harvest and bring to the table that which will fill you.  We have worked with our vegan nutritionalist to create recipes which aid healthy digestion and preparations of food that are easy to understand and take away with you. It is a peace filled way of dining, and in community. Herbal teas, fresh waters will be available throughout the day. You will find little refreshing treats about  as you pass throughout the day. A nibble here, a nibble there, but our meals will enjoyed in community. They will be vegetarian and there will of course be coffee…….. After all it is Italy!