San Flaviano – Venue for Hire – All Inclusive Service

Our peaceful and shaded portico. Hire tranquil San Flaviano for your groups and … relax.

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Holidays,  Retreats, Weddings,  Corporate,  Workshops, Performances, Hiking, Art, Children’s Events

All inclusive from 75 Per Person Per Night – 11 Guests


Our all inclusive package includes Accommodation, 3 Full Homecooked Fresh Vegetarian Meals per Day, Coffees & Teas plus fresh Mountain Mineral Water.
Prosecco & wines served at dinner (optional extra cost).


The guests have full use of all the private 10 acre ground and all the rooms at the monastery.

The Church is a fully equipped Yoga Shala – Mats, Cork Blocks, Straps, Blankets and bolsters are supplied.

Cleaning & laundry Fee 200.00

Please contact me to see if San Flaviano is a good fit for you.

Tess x

Whatsapp: +44 7959 578389

Terms and conditions

Tess Bio Pic“Welcome to my home San Flaviano, The Land of Light Where the Doves Meet.

San Flaviano is offers complete privacy for your group. The rustic monastery sits in 1.7 hectares of private land inside 50,000 acres of protected ancient woodland in one of the worlds most pristine clean areas.

Untreated filtered Fresh Mountain Spring Water throughout

No Air Pollution, No Light Pollution, No Sound Pollution….just the birds & the bees…

In the heart of Umbria, San Flaviano sits nestled in the foothills of the Appennine Mountains. A deeply sacred spot for over a millennium. My home is the former church and monastery visited by many as a place to be held and meditate on their pilgrimage to Assisi over the centuries.

Our traditional vegetarian Umbrian cuisine is about good flavour, freshness, and simplicity.San Flaviano Food

What Shall We Eat

We are abundantly blessed to be surrounded by the soil and by the lands of Umbria. You will often find one of us in the garden or the market choosing with love and care that which will nourish not only your body but your very essence. When you visit it will be the time of year when the land is giving us all of our bounties, fragrant fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc. We will harvest and bring to the table that which will fill you. We have worked with our vegan nutritionalist to create recipes which aid healthy digestion and preparations of food that are easy to understand and take away with you. It is a peace filled way of dining, and in community.

Herbal teas, fresh waters will be available throughout the day. You will find little refreshing treats about  as you pass throughout the day. A nibble here, a nibble there, but our meals will enjoyed in community. They will be vegetarian and there will of course be coffee…….. After all it is Italy!

Tess Hunneybell, Owner San Flaviano Retreat

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