Phytocosmetics and Bio-massage
“achieving wellness by coming in touch with nature”

All treatments employ oleolites mother tincture, ointments, pulverised herbs picked locally and hand-prepared for you. You will also be offered a home made herbal tea prepared with our dried herbs.

Ritual Face Treatment
A facial ritual for those who need to brighten their skin by relaxing the tensions of facial mimic and the neck and shoulders muscles.

Sun Salutation Face Treatment
Eye patches based on organic aloe vera, phytoextracts and Ayurvedic herbs, the treatment is intended to eliminate the effects of stress, soothe and relieve dark circles and bags in the eye area, toning the gaze.

Body treatments
Exfoliating treatment with Ayurvedic herbs

Osmotic treatment with alginates, Himalayan salt and essential oilsThis is a treatment that exploits the benefits of the sea to reactivate the body’s metabolism, stimulating the immune system to drain and detoxify the whole organism.

Regenerating breathing
A skin renewal ritual that promotes the removal of impurities and toxins from the skin, employing a synergy of expertly mixed Ayurvedic herbs.

Massage Choices

Ayurvedic Govindan– Spiritual energy massage is a treatment devised by Sri S.V. Govindan, a great Ayurvedic massage master, who dedicated the last part of his life to spreading it in the West. The inner peace and the deep state of relaxation induced by this massage create the necessary conditions for a lasting state of well-being and harmony.

PindaSwedaNam – The Pindasweda massage, literally “helping the body to sweat”, is an ayurvedic treatment that is performed with boluses containing herbs, clay, vegetable powders and essential oils soaked in hot oil. It relieves muscle tension and allows the herbs contained in the bolus to release their active ingredients and act on the body.

Relaxing Spa – This massage is performed with slow and rhythmic movements that reduce stress and induce deep relaxation, improving attention to the self.

Manual lymphatic drainage – It is a specific technique that works with light pressure and pumping to activate the lymphatic and venous system, it eliminates toxins and reduces water retention. It relieves the heaviness of the legs and reduces the volume of the abdomen.

LomiLomi – The call of the sea waves, like an ocean purification rite, is the basis of this massage, born from the ancient practice of the Hawaiian shamanic tradition. It frees energy and keeps stress away.

De-contracting – A massage that helps to release tension and stiffness of the body and the accumulation of lactic acid and waste, lightening and relaxing the muscles