Abundance Yoga Retreat Reviews

“Just wanted to send you a little note with a huge thank you for opening up your amazing home. Your hospitality was spectacular in every sense of the word. Your generous nature towards our group, your fantastic cooking. your tour guide knowledge and Tess’s fabulous food & coffee (and good taste!) made this one of the best holidays I have ever had. A privilege and delight to share your very special home in a most spectacular and relaxing setting. I hope to have the opportunity to visit you all again. ”

Laurie AndersonFrom London

“A wonderful heart warming experience with the hostess Tess and Laura the yoga tecaher. Such a friendly, relaxed, generous and passionate group of people, they are what make the stay at San Flaviano so enjoyable and enriching. Delicious food in abundance, great company, yoga suited for all levels, and a beautiful location combine to make the experience incredibly special. Thank you so much! My Mum and I left relaxed, happier, and more ready to face life’s challenges.”

Hanna and Lorna JonesUK

“Leading a busy and rather stressful London life (with two small kids and two small family businesses) I was craving and searching for a real escape, somewhere I could replenish my energy, nourish my body, and reconnect with myself. Abundance Yoga Retreats at San Flaviano Monastery provided all of that and much much more.”

“Just the place it is located in could alone provide me with all the things I needed. The retreat is in the midst of spectacular lush serene mountains, I can’t imagine a better place to leave all your worries and breathe deeply, find your center and relax.. And when all of this is coupled with a superb food, amazing yoga and the best hospitality, you definitely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.. It feels all of the aspects of the self, the body, the mind and the spirit are thoroughly looked after.”

“The food is lovingly prepared by the host Tess, always fresh, natural and locally sourced and inspired. Yoga is just at the pace you want it to be, with attentive, always smiling, supportive and very talented teacher. Yet what really stayed with me is the values, the whole beautiful ethos that the whole retreat is run according, and the hospitality! I felt at home, I felt welcome and looked after as if I was a good family friend. Tess Hunneybell that runs the retreat, don’t just ‘run the retreat’, she opens the doors of her  beloved home to you, and welcome you with her heart open, with love and passion for what she does, for working with people, and enormous experience and professionalism in her trade, except that her ‘trade’ is not just her ‘trade’, it’s her life and her heart, and I feel privileged to have met her and have been a part of her wonderful project! I still carry this renewed energy within me and can’t wait to go back!”

Margarita VidenskyteNetherlands

“I spent a lovely week in Italy with Abundance – Yoga Retreat Italy. I had an amazing time. It was so relaxing and just what I needed. From the start I had a lovely welcome. Tess was an amazing host, welcoming, warm, and kind. The food was delicious and filling, and all meals were outside on the veranda, with an amazing view. The beds and rooms were really comfy and clean and had a real old house charm to it. Laura was a great yoga teacher. We had an active yoga in the morning, which woke me up and freshened the body. In the evening we practiced Yin yoga, which was really relaxing and had a real therapeutic feel to it. I felt like I came home with a new body. You could relax by the pool in the sun or go hiking. We went to visit a local town Spoleto one evening, and we went rafting another day. I had a lovely relaxing week, with some fun activity thrown in. I highly recommend Abundance – Yoga Retreat Italy. Thanks for a great time.”

Mary O’LearyIreland

“I had a lovely time at this retreat. The host was welcoming and treated us like we were family. It was an intimate group. The food was delicious, the rooms were comfy, the views breathtaking, the yoga was quite hard and advanced, but my level is low anyway. The girls who worked there are gorgeous in every sense. We had a lovely group of people.”

Mandy Lau Choo KhanSingapore

“My stay at San Flaviano/Abundance Yoga Retreat has been very nice and pleasant – wonderful vegetarian food, beautiful mountain view, nice little trips to other villages and a really competent and sweet yoga teacher!”

Catherine ChubbGentofte, Denmark

“My week at Abundance Yoga Retreat was utterly amazing and I only hope that anyone reading this will be lucky enough to go and spend some time there too.I arrived stressed, tired and fed up. I was expecting to come away rested but actually I got so much more. I feel completely transformed. I couldn’t tell you if it was the amazing location, the wonderful food, the energizing yoga or the energy work with Tess and Kevin.As a yoga teacher myself and having run retreats in the past all over the world I have fairly strong views as to what constitutes a good retreat and what constitutes a good teacher. Abundance yoga retreats have really got it right.The relaxed atmosphere means it feels like you are staying with an old friend, Tess is possibly the most generous person I have ever had the pleasure of staying with. Nothing was too much trouble and every day she went out of her way to make sure everybody had everything they needed and more.Yoga sessions with Laura were wonderful, varied and perfect for the mood of each day. Our group varied from me who has ten years experience as a teacher to my sister who had never taken a class before and we all felt the level was perfect for us. If you want a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, fun yoga, great food in a wonderful location then definitely visit San Flaviano.”

Vicky HolmstockUK

“If you want to spend your holiday in a very popular and busy place, full of citys noise and fast food dont go there ! In San Flaviano you can only find birds singing, peace and quiet, real food, breath taking landscape, and you can spend time in an interesting and lovely company of the friendly hosts, who will treat you not only like guests but friends. This place became one of my very best places to be in the world!”

Dorota StoinskaSwitzerland

“After a year of hard work, this yoga retreat was the best break that could happen to me. I got the right balance between revitalizing yoga and real rest, far from the stress and pollution. We shared healthy meals in a warmful atmosphere. I really felt like at home rather than just a ‘number’. I came home full of energy and good souvenirs!”

Boi Ai GiangBelgium

“We arrived in the afternoon after a lovely journey up the mountain passes, we did a great yoga session then ate a wonderful meal of organic food prepared with love by Tess, then the full moon rose above the mountains and the fireflies came out in the hundreds what a first day wow. I slept like a log for the first time after months of agitation over my new job and all that city stuff. It is a VERY special place. Laura was so nice giving me one on one sessions to really get to the core of my practise. Classes in the lovely old church were relaxing, a little challenging, but always enjoyable. I felt genuinely alive. Recommended.”

Kate CoreyVenice Beach, California

“Having just finished an intense two-year masters degree in law, I was in need of some R & R. I have always enjoyed yoga, but my practice has been patchy, with my picking up classes in a peripatetic fashion. I had a week to kill this summer, so I decided to book myself into a yoga retreat abroad. The object of this exercise was to improve my yoga, through sustained practice, and to relax after a hectic few months. After some research, I booked my self into Abundance Yoga Retreat, in Umbria, Italy, drawn by the reasonable price and the opportunity to explore the green heart of Italy. I paid 980Euros  for 6 nights accommodation, three meals a day, two yoga classes a day and two excursions to nearby Medieval towns, the world-famous Assisi and Visso (the latter being voted the prettiest town in Italy). My flights to Perugia Airport, from London Stanstead, were about 150. This price being so good I was apprehensive about what to expect, nervous that I was going to be rouging it in a modern villa with a hundred other wannabe yogis, while a militant vegan fed me nothing but lentils, in order to cleanse my system of toxins. I neednt’ have worried. San Flaviano Monastery, where the retreats are held, is in a pocket of pure Umbrian magic. It is nestled in a tiny Medieval village, 850 metres from sea level, with a stunning view of the Sibillini Mountains. The climate is cool and the gardens shady, with a forest which is a truffle reserve for the wild boars pressing up against the ancient buildings. And if you do need to cool down, you can jump in the swimming pool.Yoga took place in an eight century church, adorned with fourteenth century frescos. In the mornings the sun would drench across the stone flagging, as we gave our salutations to it. During the meditation-focused evening classes, candles would be lit, highlighting the spiritual element of the practice. The retreat is small. There were only nine of us, which gave an intimate feel, and ensured that our attentive yoga teacher, Laura Slavov, was able to give us enough individual attention to improve our practices. I was lucky enough to have some lovely people staying with me, ranging from an archaeologist, a refugee lawyer, an economist at the EU and a teacher. This varied and well-travelled group had me laughing the entire week.But the highlight for me was our host, Tess. I could not have hoped for more warmth and kindness. She went out of her way to ensure that we were enjoying all that Umbria had to offer and also entertained us with stories from her incredible life.Worth a special mention is the food. Tess has had an illustrious career in the restaurant industry, including managing The Belvedere (arguably one of London’s best restaurants), and has honed her natural talent at cooking phenomenal food. Each meal was a feast, full of locally-sourced, organic products. There was no meat and lactose (so, only sheep and goats cheese), so the good work of the yoga was not undone. She sourced local wines the earthy, fruity types that the Italians wisely refuse to export to unappreciative foreigners and deserts were produced from local bakers, including tiramisu and profiteroles. Yet, despite these gastronomic excesses, I lost weight probably because Tess made us eat our weight in vegetables.For those seeking more of a holiday than a retreat, then Abundance Yoga is definitely for you!”

Emily BuenoUK

“I was so lucky that I had found one of Davids classes in Phuket, Thailand. He is an incredible and patient teacher who has opened up a world of yoga that is gentle yet challenging- exactly what I need. David has a magic about his teaching that makes me so comfortable and motivated in every class. I cant say enough great things about Davids teachings! He is fantastic!”


“Thank you for such a lovely experience at San Flaviano, it was amazing and transformative, and spending time with you & Kevin was magical. My life has taken a turn in a number of ways since Italy. Work has calmed down or I should say Ive calmed down! Ive been completely comfortable at carving out me time, letting go of fear of not meeting expectations or working hard enough, it feels like Ive dropped layers of stress. I feel lighter and more in touch with my buddha nature. So Im working intently but not with all the extra baggage. In fact, Monday my boss came into my office to tell me he was submitting an additional bonus for an extra project Ive taken on. I couldnt believe it. When he left my office I just stood up and raised my arms up, giggling and feeling full of joy!The bigger news is Ive met this incredibly interesting man! Its going on one month, its as though our conversation always continues, never ends, ”

“date after date. Its easy with him, he has a great sense of humor, very ambitious, loves to travel and couldnt be more kind and honest.Ill keep you posted as it progress, but all in all its been loads of great things since Italy and being with you, Kevin, Laura, the gals and San Flaviano. A magical place it is!”

CatherineSeattle, USA

“Ahhhh on the Heathrow express on my way home… Where do I startI always find it hard to start these things… Having so much to say always makes it a little difficult to start. But I’m also thinking maybe everything I want to say doesn’t need to ALL be said in this instance. Maybe it’s better to express it over time. I feel really sure that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of each other. And I hope I can give back just a little of everything you have given me with time.You’ve been such a great friend and more. I don’t think I could tell you (without sounding like a complete mushy sentimental sap) how grateful I am for everything… You don’t know the half of it…Thank you for welcoming me into your home and giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your family. That has been the best and most generous of the many, many gifts I’ve received these last 4 months travelling. All the little individual pearls of wisdom you’ve both given, often unintentionally… I often caught myself reflecting later and wishing that I had it all down. But again maybe it doesn’t need to be so complicated. I can forget the words and just look at you both and remember it all because you are living everything you say. And that’s probably the best example of your wisdom!You’re both really inspiring… All the more for being so human and imperfect about it. I am excited for all the amazing people you’re going to meet next season. You are doing such wonderful things at that place. And your San Flaviano family is going to grow with some really awesome people I’m sure. Please take care of yourself. If you need me for anything at all… I’ll try be there or help from the other side of the world. Love you both!I look forward to seeing you again soon!”

Alicia RileyAustralia

“Thank you so much for a fabulous time Tess! I adored every minute!We had the most amazing time at San Flaviano and made some amazing memories. You and Kevin have made it such very special place. The most fabulous time in Italy with beautiful old friends and new.”

Asha TuckUK

“Thanks a million again for such an affirming and inspiring holiday. I would love to make it back and I will surely spread the word.”

Nora Ultaigh Ireland

“This yoga holiday was one of the best experiences I’ve had! I love the fact that we weren’t starved by being put on some gluten-deprived-soya-infused-caffeine-lacking-mind-altering-diet, but were allowed to feel the full benefits of a good and hearty holiday. Treated to beautiful local cuisine and wine.I also have to add big thanks to Tess and Kevin, who have been very gracious and attentive hosts. This is an experience that should be repeated time and again! See you in 2016!”

Oksana ValentelisLithuania

“I have thought so much about my time with you and Kevin and our special little group at San Flavinano, it was all so spontaneously wonderful. Such great times at my Abundance Retreat. Being warmly wrapped in your cashmere shawls and other assorted clothing finds from around the world when out on our excursions.Spending the evening after a group adventure with the dogs draped over the sofa, drinking fennel tea and hanging out near the fire place with our eclectic group eating chocolates and doing group meditations and laughing therapy while you and Kevin shared your life stories. So much fun! So much Abundance! So happy to have been there!Was not each person there so dear, each with their own unique offerings to our group. I especially enjoyed the raw juices in the morning and the wonderful botanicals to relish my body and hair with and the fresh picked flowers in my room and the bowl of nuts and dried fruits and seeds out side my door. So much appreciation for the yoga and our session together and warm hugs and love and Kevin’s smiling face and positive affirmations.I am returning in July 2016, see you soon!”

Lauretta GeddisSeattle, USA

Amber, USA

I met Tess in 2015 at one of her first retreats at her home San Flaviano. While there as a guest, Tess introduced me to EFT to help with unprocessed trauma. It was through this session that I found a piece of my heart that I hidden away as a young girl. I felt safe with Tess and it was the first time I ever shared my childhood sexual abuse with anyone. It was a major healing moment for me in releasing the burden of the trauma after carrying it for so long.

Jade, USA

Tess is a very personable, professional and highly qualified therapist. She really helped me through a difficult period through her valid advice and wisdom. I would highly recommend her services if you require mental and emotional well being assistance.

Vikram, UK

I had an EFT session with Tess myself and I have also seen her teach workshops as well as witnessed results of one on one sessions she had had and I am amazed by her brilliance, skill and talent. She is truly authentic and inspiring with her intuitive knowledge and if you do get a chance to experience it for yourself I would highly recommend it.

Amanda, Finland

Tess is an incredible woman, a wise soul, a skilled coach that can deliver some powerful sessions in a caring a safe way.

Her loving, transformational and thought provoking conversations during private sessions changed my life
Highly recommended.
Enrida, UK

I have known Tess for over 20 years now and have no hesitation recommending her as a counsellor. Her expertise is based in extensive research, wide ranging experience and common sense. Tess is a wonderful listener and uses her skills to help you find solutions for yourself without being in any way dogmatic or judgemental. I can guarantee you will laugh, probably cry but come away feeling more at ease with yourself and the world.

Frances, UK

I had a session with Tess whilst at her retreat at San Flaviano, Italy, a beautiful and welcoming space with amazing food.

I had held trauma in my body for 40 years and recurring nightmares of the event throughout my life and could never really move forward with any sense of safety in the world. Tess brought me back to that event and changed the scenario so I no longer felt stuck. The session was pretty heavy emotionally, but I felt completely safe and held in her presence. I no longer have those nightmares and very grateful they are gone. I highly recommend staying with Tess, you will receive a very warm welcome and if you get the chance to have a private session with her, do so.
Eden Grace, Bali

I had the opportunity to be at a yoga retreat 1.5 years ago, during the time I have come to know Tess on a personal level. She has vast knowledge of Trama therapy, mental health and Energy healing. A friend of mine who had an ETF session during this time told me her experience had led to transformative change in her deep belief system. Tess’ sharp reading and sensibility of others has helped many of us on various levels of emotional health and happiness pursuits. She shares her wisdoms and compassion to all people around her generously. I am grateful for that, and highly recommend her to everyone.

Mary Li, California

My first trip to Italy was at the beautiful, spiritual San Flaviano Monastary in Perugia. I attended a week-long yoga retreat. This was the perfect location to practice yoga, meditate and experience the spirituality of this historic place. The walls are painted with centuries old frescoes and Tess has added her own personal touches to enhance the ambiance. While sitting in the space, you know you are not alone. The surrounding woods and mountains provide expansive vistas and paths for walking or hiking. Tess is a masterful chef, providing vegetarian meals of the highest quality! You will enjoy eating al fresco on the marble portico at a communal table. If you have the opportunity, make an effort to see and experience this wonderful place. I would not hesitate to go back to San Flaviano.

Ginny, USA

“There are no sins… You are unbreakable” Thanks a lot dear Tess

Giacomo, Italy

I had no idea what to expect going into my EFT work but I can’t rave about it enough. Was blown away with the results. Highly recommend. Thank you Tess for all your work and kindness, was left feeling infinitely lighter xx

Alice, Australia

Tess Hunneybell that runs the retreat, don’t just ‘run the retreat’, she opens the doors of her  beloved home to you, and welcome you with her heart open, with love and passion for what she does, for working with people, and enormous experience and professionalism in her trade, except that her ‘trade’ is not just her ‘trade’, it’s her life and her heart, and I feel privileged to have met her and have been a part of her wonderful project! I still carry this renewed energy within me and can’t wait to go back!”

Margarita, NL

Hi Tess, Thank you again for the time you spent with me allowing me to benefit from your therapy session. I keep in mind this strong feeling that you could read inside my body and my mind better than me. Merci !
Isabelle, Paris