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What people are saying about their retreats with Tess

Amber, USA

I met Tess in 2015 at one of her first retreats at her home San Flaviano. While there as a guest, Tess introduced me to EFT to help with unprocessed trauma. It was through this session that I found a piece of my heart that I hidden away as a young girl. I felt safe with Tess and it was the first time I ever shared my childhood sexual abuse with anyone. It was a major healing moment for me in releasing the burden of the trauma after carrying it for so long.

Vikram, UK

Tess is a very personable, professional and highly qualified therapist. She really helped me through a difficult period through her valid advice and wisdom. I would highly recommend her services if you require mental and emotional well being assistance.

Amanda, Finland

I had an EFT session with Tess myself and I have also seen her teach workshops as well as witnessed results of one on one sessions she had had and I am amazed by her brilliance, skill and talent. She is truly authentic and inspiring with her intuitive knowledge and if you do get a chance to experience it for yourself I would highly recommend it.

Jude, UK

Thank you, Tess. I really appreciate you and all you gave. You are right that 56 days from first pre-retreat online session is a short time for what does feel like a transformation. You’ve been generous in your time to support me to get there and then to be with us over the retreat.
The gratitude journal is a good idea. Without validation the push to gratitude has always made me want to hit people! I feel like now I have validated – and had validated – the difficult stuff in my life that my brain can let them go and I already feel more gratitude. You did that well – the validation and I think it’s a key step in the process for us folk who have been invalidated all our lives and who have then learned to invalidate ourselves. You have helped me to bring compassion to myself, and from that the gratitude can grow naturally.
“You have a truly beautiful and wonderful offering at San Flaviano, Tess and you have genuinely transformed my journey. The stresses and wobbles of life will still be there, but I feel like I have cleared out some of accumulated stuff that was having such an impact and now I can look to the next steps in my life. ((Before I contacted you, I was feeling at the end of the road and unhelpable when I came along – feeling continually overwhelmed and suicidal. I’d spent the weeks before I can Googling things like “where to jump off a bridge to commit suicide” and texting the Samaritans helpline. My clinical psychologist was suggesting he discharge me to counselling as I was not stable enough and I felt like there was nothing that could help me.))
San Flaviano is a beautiful and rustic space embedded in nature. It is a space to be and where you will find a companion on your journey. The journey to finding healing isn’t easy but it is worth sticking with it. Tess’s home San Flaviano is not a place of rigid structures and expectations but a place of exploration. Thank you to Tess and my fellow companions for the holding space for my heart on this journey”.
Trust in you too Tess. I see the mother in you too and I am grateful for that.

Enrida, UK

 Tess is an incredible woman, a wise soul, a skilled coach that can deliver some powerful sessions in a caring a safe way. 
Her loving, transformational and thought provoking conversations during private sessions changed my life
Highly recommended.



Francis, UK

I have known Tess for over 20 years now and have no hesitation recommending her as a counsellor. Her expertise is based in extensive research, wide ranging experience and common sense. Tess is a wonderful listener and uses her skills to help you find solutions for yourself without being in any way dogmatic or judgemental. I can guarantee you will laugh, probably cry but come away feeling more at ease with yourself and the world.

Eden Grace, Bali

I had a session with Tess whilst at her retreat at San Flaviano, Italy, a beautiful and welcoming space with amazing food.
I had held trauma in my body for 40 years and recurring nightmares of the event throughout my life and could never really move forward with any sense of safety in the world. Tess brought me back to that event and changed the scenario so I no longer felt stuck. The session was pretty heavy emotionally, but I felt completely safe and held in her presence. I no longer have those nightmares and very grateful they are gone. I highly recommend staying with Tess, you will receive a very warm welcome and if you get the chance to have a private session with her, do so.

Mary Li, Los Angeles

I had the opportunity to be at a yoga retreat 1.5 years ago, during the time I have come to know Tess on a personal level. She has vast knowledge of Trama therapy, mental health and Energy healing. A friend of mine who had an ETF session during this time told me her experience had led to transformative change in her deep belief system. Tess’ sharp reading and sensibility of others has helped many of us on various levels of emotional health and happiness pursuits. She shares her wisdoms and compassion to all people around her generously. I am grateful for that, and highly recommend her to everyone.

Ginny, USA

My first trip to Italy was at the beautiful, spiritual San Flaviano Monastary in Perugia. I attended a week-long yoga retreat. This was the perfect location to practice yoga, meditate and experience the spirituality of this historic place. The walls are painted with centuries old frescoes and Tess has added her own personal touches to enhance the ambiance. While sitting in the space, you know you are not alone. The surrounding woods and mountains provide expansive vistas and paths for walking or hiking. Tess is a masterful chef, providing vegetarian meals of the highest quality! You will enjoy eating al fresco on the marble portico at a communal table. If you have the opportunity, make an effort to see and experience this wonderful place. I would not hesitate to go back to San Flaviano.

Giacomo, Italy

“There are no sins… You are unbreakable” Thanks a lot dear Tess

Alicia, Australia

I had no idea what to expect going into my EFT work but I can’t rave about it enough. Was blown away with the results. Highly recommend. Thank you Tess for all your work and kindness, was left feeling infinitely lighter xx

Margarita, NL

Tess Hunneybell that runs the retreat, don’t just ‘run the retreat’, she opens the doors of her  beloved home to you, and welcome you with her heart open, with love and passion for what she does, for working with people, and enormous experience and professionalism in her trade, except that her ‘trade’ is not just her ‘trade’, it’s her life and her heart, and I feel privileged to have met her and have been a part of her wonderful project! I still carry this renewed energy within me and can’t wait to go back!”

Isabelle, Paris

Hi Tess, Thank you again for the time you spent with me allowing me to benefit from your therapy session. I keep in mind this strong feeling that you could read inside my body and my mind better than me. Merci !