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Healing Trauma Yoga Retreats at San Flaviano Monastery 2023

San Flaviano Monastery

Woman’s Healing Trauma Yoga Retreat hosted by Tess Hunneybell – Trauma Consultant at her home in the mountains.

A life carrying a hidden trauma, or an unresolved trauma is still a life being lived with trauma. Deeply buried and sometimes even forgotten your life carries on unaffected, or so you like to think.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief and loss, relationship breakdown, domestic and narcissistic abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, climate change and big life changes.

Issues do creep up on you, you know you could do better, & you know in your heart there is something not right.

Then San Flaviano is for you…

We are not about boot camps and sweat lodges. What we are about is firm yet gentle trauma relief in a sacred 15th-century monastery, in Italy.

And most importantly, to let go of the patterns of practice and ingrain new ways to blossom, to grow.


Tess Hunneybell


Intimate Woman’s Retreat

Retreat is limited to only 4 guests

This intimate Retreat is being held at the beautiful 15C San Flaviano Monastery in the mountains of Italy, the private residence of your host Tess Hunneybell.

Tess, a Trauma Consultant is well known for her therapy practice, giving support to Ukrainian refugees newly arrived in the U.K funded by The Rothchild Foundation, teaching, and her work on-site in Africa to hundreds of street children where she founded the charity ‘Every Kid Counts – Senegal’.

She will be returning to her home San Flaviano Monastery to host only 5 Trauma Healing Retreats this summer.

Feel you can do more with your life? That you have suffered enough?

Let us hold you and your heart in a safe professional way, while we gently lead you into realizing where and how trauma has been appearing in your life.

Trauma Consultant Tess Hunneybell is well versed and accredited in holding successful trauma release retreats, far before it became trendy.



We will always be a small group of a maximum of four people.

In this way, we can be sure that each person will receive enough attention. Our food is prepared locally, organically, and vegetarian. OF course, life is about balance, chocolates, and coffee are all included.

Yoga Meditaion Breathwork

Bianca Ioana Ferdean

Yoga & breathwork to bring your central nervous system into balance.

Bianca will show you how to tone, stimulate, and stretch your vagus nerve for a more balanced body and mind. By working directly with this critical part of your nervous system, you’ll target the root causes of your physical trauma, stress and anxiety symptoms while building resilience and cultivating a more positive outlook on life.

Bianca offers gentle, alignment-based classes, strongly focussed on the breath and spinal integration, encouraging personal spiritual exploration and a truly embodied practice. She helps to establish patterns in the physical body which invite the flow of prana to move freely in a balanced and effortless manner.

Exploring and discovering the body and mind through asana (posture), pranayama (breath manipulation) and meditation, engaging with a deep sense of interconnected wholeness. Having studied various styles of yoga over the years, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama, Power/hot, Prenatal and Trauma Informed Yoga. Bianca’s teaching truly comes from the heart. She encourages an intelligent and conscious approach to the postures, finding grounding, stability, and expansion.

During this retreat, you will learn how to:

  • Connect to the guidance of your own unconditional loving heart while meeting the inner traumatized shattered self and reintegrating into your whole core self de-traumatized.
  • Identify your past and family traumatic events and your unconscious survival skills that were set in place that can affect your health, relationships, and success.
  • Rewrite and imprint new survival skills guided by your wise survivor self and open-hearted inner child giving you the freedom of choices.
  • Learn how to tone, stimulate, and stretch your vagus nerve for a more balanced body and mind. By working directly with this critical part of your nervous system, you’ll target the root causes of your physical trauma, stress and anxiety symptoms while building resilience and cultivating a more positive outlook on li
  • Recognize the emotions that successfully and intuitively made you a trauma survivor and how to understand and answer their genius messages to find comfort and peace today.
  • Connect to your healing breath, somatic body practices, Emotional Freedom Technique, visualizations, healing sentences, and other tools based on neuroscience that can help you disentangle from the cycle of lives and generational suffering.
  • Change long-standing patterns of illness, depression, anxiety, fear, and unhappiness by being in tune with your emotions and feelings.
  • Release the traumas of our ancestors that are carried in our DNA creating secondary post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) causing unexplained depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, obsessive thoughts, and physical symptoms.

We will also dance, play and laugh a lot. When we laugh it changes the brain chemistry that brings us into the present moment making us relax, feel good and connect to ourselves and other people in a joyous way.


100% natural stone, marble, wood and terracotta


Granite, stone, oak & steel that produces healthy homecooked local food.


The original 8C Church now used as our livingroom


Vaulted ceilings, ensuite bathrooms and magnificent views of the mountains.


The ancient 15C church still being used as a sacred space

Umbrian Cusine

Fresh locally sourced natural foods and mountain spring water

840m Mountain Air

Private discrete location with spectacular views over the Sibillini National Park

Dates & prices

* 18th to 24th May

* 1st to 7th June

* 22nd to 28th June

* 6th to 12th July

* 20th to 27th July

* 3rd to 9th August

* 17th to 24th August

* 31st August to 6th September

* 14th to 21st September

All rooms have ensuite bathrooms
Shared Bedroom
€2,300 Early Bird €1,800
Single Occupancy Bedroom
€2,800, Early Bird €2,100

2 People either King or Twin Room
€4,100, Early bird €3,300


Healing Trauma Retreats

You only live once so let’s make it happen.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Domestic, Sexual and Narcissistic Abuse

Anxiety & Stress| Depression Phobias| Stop Smoking | Eco Anxiety |Pain

My services include 1:1 Sessions in London & Perugia, as well as Online Sessions. I also offer Retreats, Group Therapy and Workshops

I am committed to  L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+.equality and support all expressions of gender identity.

My rates are based on a sliding scale.

We are committed to  L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+.equality and support all expressions of gender identity.

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