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    Are you looking to relax your mind, body and soul in the fresh mountain air of Italy?

    Excited to explore small medieval villages and healthy heart filled food?

    Location: San Flaviano Monastery, Perugia, Italy

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  • Enjoy Yoga In Our Ancient Spiritual Centre

    “… a place of LOVE. The love is seen and felt through the beauty of the 15th Century surroundings”

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  • Abundance Yoga Retreats Include

    Six nights accommodation
    Home cooked locally sourced meals
    All fruit juices, fresh spring water, wine & chocolate.
    2 yoga classes daily with Padma Rising
    Release negative energy sessions using EFT
    2 excursions. See the real Italy

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All Inclusive Yoga Retreat Italy From Only €895 (Early Bird Rate)
Tel: +39 366 735 9316 or Book Now

Abundance Yoga Retreats Include

  • Six nights accommodation
  • 3 Home cooked locally sourced meals
  • All fruit juices, fresh spring water, wine, Prosecco & chocolate.
  • 2 yoga classes daily with Moss & Selva
  • Workshops
  • 2 wonderful excursions. See the real Italy

Healing Therapies available at extra cost.

Nearest Airports Perugia and Rome.

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A Life Changing Beautiful Experience at Abundance Yoga Retreat Italy!

THE Europe yoga retreat 2016. There are many yoga retreats in Europe but not with such a remote feeling in an unspoiled natural setting, yet relatively easy to access, . Yoga Retreat Italy.

Mountain Air
All Inclusive
Free Wifi
Perugia Airport
ECO Friendly

Even More Abundance2 people for Only €1600 May And June 2016

tess owner of San Flaviano Retreat Italy“Welcome to our home San Flaviano Monastery, The Land of Light Where the Doves Meet. Where for 1500 years the weary have arrived to take the inner spiritual journey of retreat to the peace, unconditional love and serenity of their human heart. You are invited to share this mystical place, relax and rejuvenate while making new friends.
We hope to be enjoying a glass of Prosecco with you under the Italian sun”

Tess & Kevin Hunneybell Energy Psychologists

About Abundance Yoga Retreats Italy

abundance pool

Some say that the name Perugia comes from the Ancient Greek word for “abundance.”

The intention behind Abundance Yoga Retreats is to combine sustainable choices that propagate an infinite bounty of the food, energy and love of this beautiful and mountainous part of Italy. Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul.

We offer you a unique retreat that promotes self-inquiry, self-empowerment and self-love through the modalities of yoga, wholesome and loved food and supportive community. Get ready to make changes in your life, leave your stresses and troubles behind and set yourself on a journey to a newer YOU of abundance, acceptance and a purer vision of the heart.


Unite the body, breath, mind and spirit
We are excited to share our expertise with you
so you can flow in your own nature.

We teach you essential asanas, pranayamas and meditations
to increase your focus, strength, flexibility and overall vitality

Hatha Yoga Programme
Includes elements of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar’s precise posturing (pre-props), and Vinyasa flowing sequences. The Asanas in this system develop core strength, focus, centering and personal empowerment.

Therapy Series
With gentle therapeutic movements this series is ideal for the elderly, improving health, and overcoming injuries.

Kaula Yoga Programme
The asana sequence in this system is meditative, relaxing and profound, gentle yet firm. It works deeply on the pranic system (not only the physical body), guiding students to let go of physical, mental and pranic inflexibilities to encounter a deep loving and respectful relationship with themselves.

Chakras Sadhana
In this practice we consciously connect with our Chakras through mudras and mantras, acknowledging ourselves as a vehicle for the Kundalini energy;
This Sadhana is a way to Samadhi (the experience of unity with the Divine).

Active Meditations
Using the body to connect with and to awaken the inner vital energy through conscious movement, ecstatic dance and free expression. Cultivating self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-liberation.

Kundalini Meditation: An energizing meditation with shaking the body, dancing and silent meditation
Dynamic Meditation: A transformative active meditation comprising of intense pranayama, catharsis, jumping and dancing;
Nadabrahma Meditation: Tibetan Humming Meditation for clarity and centering;
Gurushankar Meditation: Includes gentle movements and candle gazing;
There are many other Osho inspired meditation techniques that we use as well.

Bhakti Yoga
The Yoga of Devotion, as we sing, pray and chant together, with our hearts filled with gratitude to the divine in overflowing joy.

Pranayama Classes
We use various breathing techniques to cultivate harmony and optimize the energetic functioning of the body system.

Our traditional Umbrian cuisine is about good flavour, freshness, and simplicity.

Umbria’s rich local soil provides its residents an unlimited number of amazing seasonal ingredients which are simply prepared to highlight the true flavour of each dish. The traditional methods still used in the production of such typical ingredients as Norcia’s regional artisan cheeses, regional wines, and our famous treasured black truffle that grows on our grounds here at San Flaviano Retreat. Our cuisine is unique to the region, and authentic to it’s origins. The cuisine of Umbria is healthy, hearty, and born from “cucina povera”. Umbrians have always relied on the natural resources harvested from their fields and forests.

It is honest, Italian home cooking at it’s very finest!

Italy Yoga Retreat 2016 Sample Itinerary

07.30 Delicious fresh juices
08.00 Morning Yoga: “Wake-up your senses”, Start the day full of energy.
9.00 Meditation
9.30 Abundant Breakfast
10.00 Free time for reading, walking, resting, being massaged or excursions
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Free time to relax by the pool, hike or have a healing treatment
18.00 Evening Yoga, Mediation & Workshops: “relax the body and mind” and improve flexibility.
19.30 Dinner
21:00 Free time for resting or socialising.

Gail Simard

“… there was a beautiful candlelight ceremony that we all participated in, followed by a wonderful meal prepared by one of the guests and shared by all. It was truly special to be a part of this.

I would highly recommend San Flaviano to anyone privileged enough to get an invitation. The location is secluded and beautiful, but day trips into the surrounding towns are easy and fun. The rooms are clean and simple, and the bedding luxurious. Fresh food prepared with love and eaten outdoors is good for your body & soul. And being in the company of Tess & Kevin in their home is priceless.”

Gail SimardOwner and Professional Life Coach at Rawsome Experience, CanadaRawesome Experience
Grace Todenes

“… a place of LOVE. The love is seen and felt through the beauty of the surroundings, the peacefulness and the owners welcoming gesture. The retreat is beautifully renovated with attention to detail yet the original features are well preserved. If you are looking for a place to unwind and reconnect with your soul, this is the place!”

Grace TodenesImmigrant Children Welfare Officer, Norway
Wonderful Excursions

Assisi - “Magical place on bucket list ... checked”

assisi umbria giotto

Afternoon trip to UNESCO World Heritage-listed town of Assisi.

Famed as the birthplace of Italy’s Catholic patron saint, St Francis of Assisi, the sleepy little town documents all the highs and lows of his life. On a walking tour includes The Basilica di San Francesco, Piazza del Comune, with its turreted ‘palace’- Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo and admire the Roman Temple of Minerva and then return to San Flaviano for dinner on the terrace.

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting in Visso

perugia chocolate

Visso: Voted #1 Prettiest Town in Italy

“Amiamo il vino con grande passione e siamo grandi amanti delle passioni” – We love wine with great passion, we are great lovers of passions

Organic wine tasting followed by a chocolate and pastries at one of the oldest chocolate houses and then a visit to our famous mountain cheese shops. Take a walk in the pine forests or do a little shopping. An enchanting village that you will love. What a great place to combine with your yoga holiday Italy.

Castelluccio & Mount Sibillini National Park

yoga retreat italy 2015

Top 10 national parks in Europe“: The Guardian

La Fiorita: The Flowering of Castelluccio di Norcia.

Yoga Castelluccio

Between late May and early July of each year the amazing spectacle of nature covers the plateau wild flowers creating bursts of colours running in stripes, with shades ranging from yellow ocher to red, from violet to white. And if you decide to take a walk in this “natural mosaic”, maybe you will be lucky and you will watch some gazelles and roe deers…

Norcia: St Benedictine and the Mystics

norcia umbria

THE best food in Italy?

We and many, many Romans visiting here through the Summer think so.

A small 500BC Sibylline Mountain town that still sits inside it’s high stone walls. It is called after the Etruscan goddess of fortune and is famous for it’s food. This is the secret place where the Romans fill the restaurants at the weekends. Food & wine tasting!

Here you can buy many different wonderful tasting truffle oils and the organic original.

Ready to book your Yoga Retreat Italy? Then let us arrange your visit NOW. From only €895 with Early Bird Promo*.

JUNE 2016 Highlights

Nice and cool in the evenings, the flowers are just amazing. This is when this lovely part of Italy is at it’s best.

Great for treks to Lago Pilato. Also the best time to see the lower (and hotter) towns such as Assisi, Spoleto and Perugia.

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JULY 2016 Highlights

July is THE time to see the remote mountain village of Castelluccio at it’s best. The wild flowers are a carpet of veritable beauty that will leave you breathless. There is nowhere like it on Earth. Don’t miss this Special treat. Make use of our swimming pool on the hot afternoons.

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August 2016 Highlights

August is the hottest Month in Italy, but guess what? We are situated 850m above sea level and so wile all other yoga retreats are sweat boxes we are still walking around in slippers in the evenings and the cooling breezes are perfect for outdoor Yoga with Laura Slavov. The church is cool all your round for indoor sessions. Make use of our swimming pool on the hot afternoons.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 08.19.00Introducing our teachers Selva & Moss

We are extremely privileged at San Flaviano to be the chosen retreat centre for this professional couple during the summer of 2016. They are two young international super stars of yoga and natural health who have  wealth of knowledge and experience. Along with the daily yoga, mediation and workshops they are offering one to one Ayurveda Massage, Regression Therapy, Holistic Health Care, Inner Alchemy, Tantra Fertility and Mystic Breathwork.

Introducing our teachers Selva & Moss


Selva, also known as Dr Estefanía Rivera Guiral.

As in the temple, where the flame should be guarded, Selva’s purpose is to look after the light of consciousness, and to share from a sacred space her skills as health provider.

Selva is a family doctor (GP) with postgraduate studies in naturopathic medicine. She is also an awareness family planning provider, yoga teacher, ayurveda masseuse, past life therapist and end of life accompaniment guide. She joins consciousness, nature and science to offer a holistic accompaniment of health.

Her tools empower the self-healing abilities of the body, respecting the person in the present moment and to look after the reality of their circumstances. Her tendency is the return to nature: to connect with the balanced state where the person can shine in his or her full splendour.

Holistic Health Care
Hygienic medicine, nutrition, therapeutic fasting, transomatic ayurveda massage, modern foot reflexology and allopathic resources with a comprehensive vision of the Being.

Soul Passages Accompaniment
– Awareness and Natural Family Planning: offering science and awareness in either looking for or avoiding pregnancy, with natural methods and empowering healthself-management, self-knowledge and a transcendental experience of sexuality.

– Past Life Healing Therapy: understanding and releasing the memories clenched unconsciously in the body we can let go of the physical, emotional or psychological disease.

– End of Life Accompanimentt: with care, love and a sense of humour, we will walk the stages and get ready for the end of the journey with a lighter load.

Meditation, asanas and pranayama to integrate body, emotions, mind and soul in the primordial wellness state, the condition of unity with the essence that supports the cycle of our lives.


Health Care
Transomatic Ayurveda Masseuse. Mumuksha, Centre for Transformation (India) 2015.

Past Life Healing Therapist. Mumuksha, Centre for Transformation (India) 2015.

Naturopathic Medicine Postgraduate. Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) 2014.
Hygienic Medicine.
Therapeutic Fasting.
Illness as a way of Healing.

Family Doctor Medical Specialty. UD Costa de Ponent (Spain) 2012.
Allopathic diagnoses and treatments in Primary Care.
Preventive Medicine.
Women’s Health.
Psychiatric Health.

Awareness Family Planning Provider. ACODIPLAN (Spain) 2011.
Natural Family Planning Methods Based on the Fertility Awareness.
Searching Pregnancy.
Avoiding Pregnancy.
Improving Self-knowledge.

Guide in End of Life Accompaniment. Évolutia Croissance (France) 2011.

Modern Foot Reflexology. Dr. Manzanares Method (Spain) 2011.

Certified Yoga Teacher. Shri Kali Ashram (India), 2014.


Moss specialises in Inner Alchemy, which is the science of Self integration, healing, transformation and personal empowerment. It works by bringing light into unconscious conditioning, letting go of old patterns from the past, activating the vital life energy within oneself and grounding the entire process into witness consciousness. This process includes active meditations (inspired by Osho), creative expression, regression therapy and silent meditation. Moss also teaches Tantra and Hatha yoga and gives Ayurveda Oil Massages.

” From an early age I have been guided by Curiosity and Wonder, which carried meamongstmany teachers, masters and schools around the world. I’ve been on a gradual spiralling journey of revelation, integration and healing since then.”

“I enjoy supporting people to be the architects of their own lives, which can easily take place with the tools of meditation and therapy. This process breaks us out of old patterns that no longer serve us and inspires confidence so we can experience our own nature, raw, divine and free.”


OSHO NO-MIND Training, Puerto Escondido, Mexico, 2015

Mumuksha Center for Transformation, Mysore, India, 2015

Past Life Dialogue Therapist Training
Ayurveda Massage Therapist Training

Hatha Yoga Instructor
250+ hour course (RYT 200), 2014
Studied Intensely at Ananda Yoga India, in Mysore, with Barath Shetty (long time student of BKS Iyengar, Patabi Jois and Shivananda);
Includes elements of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar posturing (pre-props), and Vinyasa style; The Asana sequences in this system develop core strength, focus, centering and personal empowerment.

Traditional Tantra Yoga Instructor, 500 hour course (RYT 500), 2014
Studied Traditional Tantra Yoga in the Kaula Lineage at Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India;
The asana sequence in this system is meditative, relaxing and profound, gentle yet firm. It works deeply on the pranic system (not only the physical body), guiding students to let go of physical, mental and pranic inflexibilities to encounter a deep loving and respectful relationship with themselves.

Thai Yoga Masseur
Completed 60 hour training with the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (The Sunshine Network), 2014;

Ayurvedic Walking Masseur
Studied this traditional Siddha Walking Massage for 6 weeks at Shri Kali Ashram, India
It balances the prana and nadis and warms up the body for the physical practices of the day.

Breath work Guide
Holotrophic Breath work is a powerful technique used to cultivate internal energy for physical wellness, emotional release of tension, spiritual ecstasy, and deep intimacy with your inner self.
Eastern pranayama techniques for integration, focus and energy activation: Nadi Shudi, Bastrika, Bramari, Kapalabhati, Shitali/Shitkari, Ujjayi, Full Yogic Breathing, and others.

Inner Alchemy
Active meditations use the body and emotions to connect with and to awaken the inner vital energy through conscious movement, dance and expression. Cultivating self-awareness, empowerment and liberation. Silent or passive meditation can be described as doing-non-doing, sitting, watching the breath and subtle sensations within the body-mind-emotions, not identifying with the process but remaining connected with Witness Consciousness.

Moss’ teachings have been greatly inspired by Osho. He has studied intensely the science and art of inner alchemy since 2007, at various centres such as: Osho International Center in Pune, OshoDham (Delhi), Osho Manan (Gujarat), Osho Taboban (Nepal), and Osho Samaya (Australia).

Universities attended:
University of Toronto, Canada
York University, Canada
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
University of Sienna, Italy

Early Childhood Education: Toronto Waldorf School